2008 World Cup: Asti, Italy

Team Captain: Ann Putegnat
Mondioring 3 Handler Teams: Lisa Geller; Tim Bartlett; Sharon Novak
complete results SMCU/FCI

World Cup of Mondioring 2008
Asti, Italy
by Ann Putegnat, Team Captain

The 2008 Mondioring World Championship was held in the beautiful town of Asti, Italy with teams from 15 countries. The field was artistically decorated with a Michaelangelo theme.

With record setting entries, the level 3 program was split into 3 segments consisting of jumps on Friday, and portions of the obedience and protections split between Saturday and Sunday. The Friday “meeting” resulted in a new policy of going back to the full program (vs splitting it into two or more days) with Chien en Blanc on Thursday nite and teams running Friday, Saturday, & Sunday. Additionally, each county will be allowed only 1 level 1, one level 2, and 5 level 3 teams with a cap of 50 level 3 teams maximum, and lottery for any open slots for the level 3.

USMRA sent three teams, all playing at level 3, the first year we sent more than one MR 3 to the WC! Representing USA was a MR 3 line up of Tim Bartlett & Feist, Sharon Novak & Ysha Rose, Lisa Geller & Mongoose, and Team Captain, Ann Putegnat. While all the teams played their hearts out, special kudos to Lisa and Goose for placing 6th and being the first USA team to “Q” at the WC and in Europe!!!

World Team 2008

The International Championship of Mondioring 2008 will take place in Asti, Italy October 10, 11 and 12. This is a banner year for the Team USA, with our first ever COLLECTION of Mondioring 3 dogs. We are represented by the following dog handler teams:

2008WCTimTIM BARTLETT and Feist du Loups du Soleil, FR 3, MR 3 and IPO 3.

Feist has been to the Championships in Portugal and returns a more seasoned dog after coming in second in our Championships here in MN in the Spring. Feist is a remarkable dog, and possibly one of a kind in the world. He earned his MR 1 in one weekend years ago with Lisa Maze handling. He then went off to learn a new skill – IPO (Schutzhund). Lisa’s friend David handled Feist to his IPO titles in rapid succession. All earned at championships. After coming in with a high protection score in an IPO championship, Feist moved on to return to Mondioring. He crossed BACK over to Mondioring 3.

Tim is a driving force in USMRA, as Vice President, Chair of the Decoy Committee and Chair of the National Championship Committee. Feist is his third dog for competition in Mondioring. He was a certified decoy until an injury sidelined him for awhile.

2008WCLisaLISA GELLER and Mangouste du Loups du Soleil, MR 3

Mangouste (aka Mongoose, or Goose) is a young newcomer to the MR 3 scene. He earned his title this past year in CA, and repeated the title recently earning a very respectable 375 under a demanding French Mondioring judge. Mongoose was in third place in the Championships in MN, separated by a fraction of a point from second place. Lisa has been training hard and with great diligence, and will show us how it’s done in her first trip abroad to the Championships!

Lisa, also, is a very involved Mondioringer. She is a member of the Board of Directors and is the Chair of the Promotions Committee. Her club hosted the Championships last year, and she continues to support Mondioring in America .

2008WCSharonSHARON NOVAK and O’Bre-on’s Ysha Rose, MR 3

Ysha is another seasoned European competitor. Sharon & Ysha competed for her Mondiorng 1 in Switzerland some years back. She returned to Portugal as a competitor in the Mondioring 2 level in the Championships. Several of her exercises were cause for standing ovations there. Ysha is an incredible dog to watch. She did well in our first Championships here in America in 2007, placing in top spot then in level 3. Ysha has since improved her score and shown what a serious competitor she is. We look forward to seeing her in Asti . Her amazing jumping style, lightning fast attacks and incredibly animated obedience routine will keep the crown on the edge of their seats!!

Sharon has done so much for Mondioring that I have lost track of each title she has held. At this time, she is a member of the Decoy Committee, and was a certified decoy for some time. Her dedication to the sport is legendary. Very few individuals have contributed as much over the years to the sport as Sharon Novak and her husband Mike have.

Please join me in wishing the very best for this team. For the most part, each team member is financially responsible for their trip, and the burden can be very large. It takes an incredible amount of dedication just to train a dog to the level of MR 3. Congratulations to each of you for your commitment, and the very best wishes to each of you on your upcoming journey to Italy to represent our sport and our country. GO TEAM USA 2008 ! ! !