Aida Flick

San Francisco, CA

Ann Putegnat

Bulverde, TX

David Kroyer

Hutto, TX

Jake Schneider

(apprentice) Harris, MN

Lisa Geller

Harris, MN

Don Lee

San Antonio, TX

My dog training “addiction” started many years ago in Houston, Texas. I was showing a Dobermann in AKC Obedience and was encouraged to try Schutzhund. I began working with Spring Valley Working Dog Club and the passion for working dogs quickly set in. I was fortunate to have joined a club with progressive ideas about motivational training that believed in bringing in European trainers. I became one of the first Teaching Helpers in the newly developed USCA Teaching Helper Program; and I participated as a Helper (Decoy) in several Championship and Police Dog Trials. I titled two Dobermanns and one GSD in the sport of Schutzhund.

After moving to San Antonio, part of our Lone Star Schutzhund Club decided to try Mondio Ring. A few of us formed the Lone Star Mondio Ring Club. LSMRC hosted the first USMRA Sanctioned Mondioring Trial in January 2000, as well as the first USMRA National Championship in March 2007. I have titled one GSD and two Malinois in Mondio. I am also a Police Canine Handler. I have trained and handled dual purpose Patrol / Narcotics Detection Dogs on the street since 2000.

In addition to participating in USMRA trials with my dogs, I certified as a USMRA Trial Decoy in 2001. I have also served on the USMRA Board of Directors and on several USMRA Committees, including the Judge’s Committee, the Election Committee, the Decoy Committee, and as a USMRA Liaison to the International Decoy Committee.

I am passionate about dog training and helping people experience success with their dogs. I believe deeply in the spirit of Mondioring – safety for the decoys and dogs; challenging, but fair scenarios for the handler and dog; and an entertaining trial for both spectators and participants. I enjoy the friendly, encouraging community that is Mondioring. I see my duties as a USMRA member to kindle the Mondioring spirit, to promote enjoyment of the sport and to foster the Mondioring community at every opportunity.

Trial list
150621 El Paso County Mondio Ring Club
150620 El Paso County Mondio Ring Club
150329 DC SWRingers
150328 DC SWRingers
150221 Carolina Dog Sport Club
140525 WestPenn Mondioring
140524 WestPenn Mondioring
130630 Rogue Ringsport
130629 Rogue Ringsport
121014 Colorado Mondioring
121013 Colorado Mondioring
120923 St. Louis Ring Kings
120922 St. Louis Ring Kings
120603 Rocky Mountain Mondioring Club
120602 Rocky Mountain Mondioring Club