Ann Putegnat

Bulverde, TX

David Kroyer

Hutto, TX

Don Lee

San Antonio, TX

Jake Schneider

(apprentice) Harris, MN

Lisa Geller

Harris, MN

Aida Flick

San Francisco, CA
email 920-224-5467

I fell into dog sports quite by accident. Had a German Shepherd that was very fearful and needed help to train and understand/manage behavior. The search for good help led me to a group of really nice folks who trained for a sport called Schutzhund. Well I was very intrigued and wanted to learn even more.

So while we got help for our fearful GSD, we watched and learned. And when the time was right that led us to our next dog, another GSD but one capable of the work. He was my first, an import of 3 years old. Handsome fellow named Beau!

We worked together as a team, building trust and understanding and were successful in getting our SchIII. You quickly learn that to succeed you need the support of family, friends, trainers, and patience. But what joy it brings. Beau is happily retired.

As we trained for Schutzhund we discovered another dog breed and another sport. The Belgian Malinois was the breed, and Mondio Ring was the sport. Now this was fun. The breed had way more drive (at times it can be crazy…) and the sport is never dull, keeps coming up with new twists, and has a small but very fun and committed community.

So the journey led us to a Malinois named Bordeaux, and a Ring 3. Super fun!

But the more you learn and do it seems the more you realize there is to learn, and do, including helping others through the journey. This is where judging came into the picture for me. I look forward to this new journey and the continued joy of working with dogs and great people.

Trial list
140406 El Paso County Mondioring Club
140405 El Paso County Mondioring Club
131117 Santa Clarita
131116 Santa Clarita
130908 Rogue Ringsport
130907 Rogue Ringsport
130623 Club Mondio
130622 Club Mondio
130317 Lone Star Mondioring
130316 Lone Star Mondioring
121028 Endeavor Mondioring Club
121027 Endeavor Mondioring Club
121021 Competitive Canines
121020 Competitive Canines